Tanzania MOHSW HIV Viral Load Tools

This package of tools—including standard operating procedures, forms, and job aids—helps health care workers and laboratory staff in Tanzania understand procedures for collecting and preparing samples for viral load testing, tracking samples and results, and providing counselling.

Front page of document. looks like a form for entering shipping data.

Tanzania MOHSW HIV Viral Load Sample Manifest

This HIV viral load sample manifest provides a template for documenting samples shipped to the laboratory for testing in Tanzania to be filled by the phlebotomist, clinician, or laboratory collecting and shipping the sample to the viral load testing laboratory.

Front page of document. Has each step in a different colored box.

Tanzania MOHSW Plasma HIV Viral Load Sample Collection Job Aid

This job aid guides HIV viral load sample collection procedures in Tanzania—including patient identification, sample collection materials, sample collection, plasma separation and handling, sample shipment, and results communication—to optimize sample quality.