Village children assemble on the makeshift air strip to bid farewell to a plane carrying a surgeon and his medical team from their remote village back to one of the main cities in Angola. © 2009 Stephanie VandenBerg, Courtesy of Photoshare

AIDSFree Activities in Angola

  • PMTCT Training Toolkit: Addressing mother-to-child transmission of HIV is especially important in Angola, where treatment of infants and children lags behind that of adults. The USAID Angola Mission asked AIDSFree to support PMTCT efforts by documenting USAID's experiences and compiling a toolkit including PMTCT materials produced under the USAID-funded Strengthening Angolan Systems for Health [SASH] Project. Additionally AIDSFree has been working with the Mission to hand over the toolkit to the Government of Angola and present it to the National AIDS Institute (Instituto Nacional de Luta contra a SIDA [INLS]).