Three women wearing identical blue polo shirts sit together on a bench. Photo by Matt Heckworth

AIDSFree Activities in Kenya

  • AIDSFree’s Jielimishe Uzazi na Afya (JUA): AIDSFree’s Jielimishe Uzazi na Afya (JUA) activity helps HIV-positive and -negative adolescent girls (age 10–19) and their children (age 0–2) to better access critical antenatal and postnatal care services addressing HIV testing, care, and treatment; prevention of mother-to-child transmission; and early childhood development. Read more about it on the Jielimishe Uzazi na Afya page
  • AIDSFree’s Public-Private Alliance for Pediatric HIV in Kenya: The Public-Private Alliance for Pediatric HIV is a partnership of local partners in Kenya’s government, health sector, health facilities, and communities, who are engaged in the country’s HIV response. Led by the AIDSFree Project, the purpose of the Alliance is to increase access to and use of pediatric HIV care and treatment services in Kenya. We accomplish this by mobilizing private-sector facilities, providers, and civil society actors & building their capacity. Read more about it on the Afya Ya Kuanza page.
  • Total Market Approach Condom Studies: Kenya is one of five countries where AIDSFree’s prevention team is conducting several studies assessing (1) users’ willingness to pay for free, social marketed, and commercial condoms; (2) the retail environment for condoms; and (3) trends in the prices of social marketed condoms. These studies are underway and are shared on the condom programming collection page as they are completed.