Three girls enjoy time together in a village outside Maseru, Lesotho. They have their arms around each other and smile into the camera. © 2012 Wendy Stein, Courtesy of Photoshare

AIDSFree Activities in Lesotho

  • DREAMS Collaboration to Reach Girls and Young Women: AIDSFree joins the DREAMS partnership in Lesotho to strengthen the national response to gender-based violence (GBV) and to reach adolescent girls and young women with HIV and violence prevention education through schools. AIDSFree will work with chiefs, community councils, churches, and local organizations to foster community discussions about cultural norms change, thereby creating an enabling environment for GBV prevention. Condom promotion and distribution complement these HIV prevention efforts, and implementation will focus on PEPFAR priority districts, Maseru and Berea. See the Gender 360 Summit video for more information about AIDSFree's work to strengthen GBV services in the country.
  • Community-Based and Civil Society Initiatives for PMTCT and Pediatric Treatment: Through its PMTCT and Pediatric Treatment portfolios, AIDSFree provided technical assistance and other support to countries to strengthen community-based and civil-society initiatives. In Lesotho, AIDSFree built the capacity of local CSOs to create demand for and bridge the gap between facility-based and community-based pediatric and PMTCT services.
  • PMTCT & Pediatric Treatment Innovative Approaches & Research: PMTCT & pediatric treatment are two of the key investments for countries working toward the 90-90-90 targets. AIDSFree is conducting research in several PEPFAR-priority countries to identify innovative approaches to increase access to treatment and continue to improve the PMTCT Start Free Stay Free AIDSFree outcomes. In Lesotho, AIDSFree conducted a rigorous cost-benefit analysis of engaging CSOs to support PMTCT service delivery.
  • VMMC Online Training Hub: Competency of health care workers is a critical requirement for safe, efficient, and high-quality VMMC service delivery. AIDSFree has developed an online learning management system to improve training accountability and outcomes for VMMC providers. This system will complement the hands-on practical training that providers receive. Benefits of this novel training platform include: (1) The VMMC Online Training Hub will standardize curriculum content and will ensure consistent delivery. (2) The system will create a trainee database to track providers’ training dates, time since course completion, competency scores, and strengths and weaknesses. (3) The system will facilitate follow-up with trainees to introduce new/updated information, certify ongoing competencies, remediate weaknesses, and track post-training service delivery volumes. For more information, visit the Online Training Hub page.