Three girls enjoy time together in a village outside Maseru, Lesotho. They have their arms around each other and smile into the camera. © 2012 Wendy Stein, Courtesy of Photoshare

AIDSFree Activities in Lesotho

  • Community-Based and Civil Society Initiatives for PMTCT and Pediatric Treatment: Through its PMTCT and Pediatric Treatment portfolios, AIDSFree is providing technical assistance and other support to countries to strengthen community-based and civil-society initiatives. In Lesotho, AIDSFree is building the capacity of local CSOs to create demand for and bridge the gap between facility-based and community-based pediatric and PMTCT services.
  • PMTCT & Pediatric Treatment Innovative Approaches & Research: PMTCT & pediatric treatment are two of the key investments for countries working toward the 90-90-90 targets. AIDSFree is conducting research in several PEPFAR-priority countries to identify innovative approaches to increase access to treatment and continue to improve the PMTCT Start Free Stay Free AIDSFree outcomes. In Lesotho, AIDSFree is conducting a rigorous cost-benefit analysis of engaging CSOs to support PMTCT service delivery.
  • VMMC Online Training Hub: Competency of health care workers is a critical requirement for safe, efficient, and high-quality VMMC service delivery. AIDSFree has developed an online learning management system to improve training accountability and outcomes for VMMC providers. This system will complement the hands-on practical training that providers receive. Benefits of this novel training platform include: (1) The VMMC Online Training Hub will standardize curriculum content and will ensure consistent delivery. (2) The system will create a trainee database to track providers’ training dates, time since course completion, competency scores, and strengths and weaknesses. (3) The system will facilitate follow-up with trainees to introduce new/updated information, certify ongoing competencies, remediate weaknesses, and track post-training service delivery volumes.

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