Philip Schuler / World Bank

AIDSFree Activities in Namibia

  • Delivering VMMC by Engaging the Private Sector: Although Namibia’s public sector health services cover the majority of the country, the country’s private health sector has more facilities and human resources. AIDSFree Namibia is leveraging and engaging these private sector resources to achieve epidemic control. Through this activity, AIDSFree provides targeted assistance to private health care providers and stakeholders to increase access to, affordability of, and quality of HIV services, in particular, voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) and anti-retroviral treatment (ART).
  • Community-Based and Civil Society Initiatives for PMTCT and Pediatric Treatment: Through its PMTCT and Pediatric Treatment portfolios, AIDSFree is providing technical assistance and other support to countries to strengthen community-based and civil-society initiatives. In Namibia, AIDSFree is building the capacity of TONATA, a local NGO, to deliver high-quality, community-based PMTCT and pediatric treatment services.