AIDSFree Activities in Nigeria

  • Total Market Approach Condom Program: AIDSFree is working to enhance the sustainability of condom programming for key population groups in high burden areas of Nigeria. Nigeria requires an additional 600 million condoms annually to achieve 20 by 20 targets of 90% use in high-risk sexual partnerships. By engaging the relative strengths of the public, social marketing, and commercial sectors, Nigeria can better target the limited donated supplies, while sustainably addressing the condom use gap. The project seeks to improve demand for, access to, and reach of condoms using a total market approach.
  • Total Market Approach Condom Studies: Nigeria is one of five countries where AIDSFree’s prevention team is conducting several studies assessing (1) users’ willingness to pay for free, social marketed, and commercial condoms; (2) the retail environment for condoms; and (3) trends in the prices of social marketed condoms. These studies are underway, and will be shared on this site once completed.
  • Strengthening Health Care Waste Management Systems in PEPFAR Priority States: The scale-up of HIV services to achieve the 90-90-90 targets by 2020 has increased the quantity of health care waste generated. AIDSFree strengthened health care waste management systems in PEPFAR priority states in Nigeria to ensure that patients, health workers, communities, and the environment were protected. The project worked with implementing partners and Nigerian state governments to identify, implement, and promote adherence to practical and affordable means for handling & disposal of health care waste at the facility level. Read the final report from this activity to learn more about what AIDSFree accomplished.

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