Dominic Chavez/World Bank

AIDSFree Activities in Swaziland

  • Improving HIV, AIDS, & TB Patient Outcomes through Systems Strengthening and Providing National-Level Support to PMTCT & Pediatric HIV Care and Treatment Programs: AIDSFree is helping Swaziland address HIV services and systems gaps as the country works toward epidemic control. This robust program has three overarching objectives: 1) Improve patient outcomes for HIV, AIDS, and tuberculosis in two regions. 2) Build capacity of regional health management teams to strengthen HIV and TB service delivery. 3) Strengthen PMTCT, pediatric care and treatment, and maternal, neonatal, and child health programs.
  • Community-Based and Civil-Society Initiatives for PMTCT and Pediatric Treatment: Through its PMTCT and Pediatric Treatment portfolios, AIDSFree is providing technical assistance and other support to countries to strengthen community-based and civil-society initiatives. In Swaziland, AIDSFree is implementing an intervention to reduce loss to follow-up of mother-baby pairs.