Eight boys ranging in age from about 10 to 17 stand slightly spaced apart in front of a beautiful hill backdrop.

AIDSFree Activities in Tanzania

  • Strengthening Police and Prisons Comprehensive HIV Services (SPPCHS): HIV prevalence among prisoners in Tanzania is significantly higher than prevalence in the general population. Prisoners also have a higher burden of tuberculosis and HIV co-infection. Tanzania’s police and prison staff are also at higher risk for HIV infection due to the nature of their employment and frequent relocations. Through the JSI-led SPPCHS program, AIDSFree seeks to improve the quality of comprehensive HIV and TB prevention, treatment, care, and support services at high-volume police and prison facilities in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.
  • Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Service Delivery in Tanzania: Under the leadership of AIDSFree partner Jhpiego, Tanzania’s voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) program has made incredible progress since its inception in 2009. AIDSFree is currently working in Tabora, Njombe, and Iringa Regions to scale up VMMC services and transition to sustainability. Priorities include quality assurance, quality improvement, demand creation, and ongoing research.
  • VMMC Online Training Hub: Competency of health care workers is a critical requirement for safe, efficient, and high-quality VMMC service delivery. AIDSFree has developed an online learning management system to improve training accountability and outcomes for VMMC providers. This system will complement the hands-on practical training that providers receive. Benefits of this novel training platform include: (1) The VMMC Online Training Hub will standardize curriculum content and will ensure consistent delivery. (2) The system will create a trainee database to track providers’ training dates, time since course completion, competency scores, and strengths and weaknesses. (3) The system will facilitate follow-up with trainees to introduce new/updated information, certify ongoing competencies, remediate weaknesses, and track post-training service delivery volumes.