Tanzania: Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision

HIV Prevalence among adults (15+ years) in Tanzania (UNAIDS).
The number of circumcisions completed on PEPFAR-funded VMMC initiatives. Clinicians perform more than 35,000 circumcisions a month in Kenya and Tanzania through PEPFAR campaigns (PEPFAR Blueprint).
3.4 million
The number of new infections that could be avoided by 2025 if 80% of men in eastern and southern Africa had access to and utilized VMMC services within five years (Adamu, et al., 2014).

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Learn more about AIDSFree's VMMC work in Tanzania

Tanzania Field Support - HIV and male circumcision rates vary tremendously by region in Tanzania. Under the leadership of AIDSFree partner, Jhpiego, AIDSFree is supporting VMMC programs in Iringa, Njombe, and Tabora regions.

  • Scaling Up VMMC and Transitioning to Sustainability: Using mobile outreach, campaigns, and fixed-site delivery models, AIDSFree is continuing to offer VMMC services in Iringa, Njombe, and Tabora. Additionally, the AIDSFree project is working with district and regional officials to transition the VMMC program in Tanzania into a sustainability phase.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement: The program is conducting quality assurance and quality improvement activities to ensure that providers are well trained and following procedures and that the VMMC sites are appropriately stocked.
  • Demand Creation: The AIDSFree program in Tanzania is leading several demand creation activities, using radio, cultural performances, public events, and other tactics to reach men who have not yet been circumcised.
  • Ongoing Research: The AIDSFree VMMC Program in Tanzania is contributing to the global VMMC knowledge base through ongoing research studies.