Group of women and children waiting to see a health care worker for PMTCT, photo credit: DFID - UK Department for International Development

AIDSFree Activities in Zimbabwe

  • Total Market Approach Condom Studies: Zimbabwe is one of five countries where AIDSFree’s prevention team is conducting several studies assessing (1) users’ willingness to pay for free, social marketed, and commercial condoms; (2) the retail environment for condoms; and (3) trends in the prices of social marketed condoms. These studies are underway and will be shared on this site once completed.
  • PMTCT & Pediatric Treatment Innovative Approaches & Research: AIDSFree is conducting research in several PEPFAR-priority countries in Zimbabwe to identify innovative approaches to increase access to treatment and continue to improve the PMTCT Start Free Stay Free AIDSFree outcomes. (1) AIDSFree is exploring novel models of ART distribution services and the barriers to their implementation, sustainability, and full integration into ART programs, in order to facilitate an increase in scale-up of treatment access for HIV-positive adults. (2) The Viral Load Testing Child Health Interventions for Development Outcomes randomized controlled trial will address the effects of HIV and other social determinants of childhood development through the provision of comprehensive multi-component interventions at facility, community and household levels. (3) The Linkage to Care and Retention Strategies in Children and Adolescents will develop guidance to decrease loss to follow-up among adolescents living with HIV. (4) The OVC Screening Tool is being tested to ensure orphans and other vulnerable children are screened for HIV risk and referred appropriately for HIV testing services.
  • Expanding High Quality PMTCT Service Delivery through Enhanced Private Sector Engagement: The purpose of this activity is to engage Zimbabwe’s private health sector in the national AIDS response. Specifically, AIDSFree is working with private-sector facilities to advance the private-sector priorities for elimination of mother-to-child transmission outlined in the Ministry of Health Private Sector Engagement Strategy.
  • HIV Quality Improvement for Health Care Workers Program: Led by AIDSFree partner, EGPAF, this program sought to provide care that met or exceeded client expectations and aligned with national HIV prevention, care, and treatment guidelines. AIDSFree helped to build the capacity of facilities and health care providers in quality improvement programming. Read the program report.