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AIDSFree Activities in HIV Testing Services

Sign up to be a member of our AIDSFree HIV Testing Services Community. The AIDSFree HIV Testing and Services Community is a forum to connect with and learn from peers working in HIV testing services around the world. Community members can ask questions, share lessons learned, access the latest literature and news, and learn from experts.

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HIV testing services (HTS) refers to the full range of services that should be provided together with HIV testing: counseling (pre-test information and post-test counselling); linkage to appropriate HIV prevention, treatment and care services and other clinical and support services; and coordination with laboratory services to support quality assurance and the delivery of correct results. Access to HIV testing is critical—to inform people of their status and link them to treatment and prevention services to protect partners and children. Quality testing services feature consent, confidentiality, counseling, correct test results, and connection to comprehensive HIV services. AIDSFree will engage in a series of activities related to HIV testing, including:

  • Identifying the Causes and Effects of HIV Serostatus Misclassification: High-quality diagnostic services are essential to timely treatment, prevention of new infections, and improving quality of life for PLHIV. AIDSFree is studying the potential impacts of HIV diagnostic misclassification on patient outcomes and the cost of care.
  • Creating an Online Community for HIV Testing Providers and Program Managers: AIDSFree provides a forum for providers, managers, and policymakers to share experiences and challenges with program design, implementation, and scale-up. This platform also facilitates south-to-south knowledge sharing and capacity development around HIV testing services.
  • Developing a Guidelines and Policies Database on HIV Testing: Guidelines and policies for the rollout, delivery, and scale-up of HIV testing services vary by country. To help providers access the latest guidelines, AIDSFree has incorporated national guidelines and policies on HIV testing into its Guidelines Database.

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