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AIDSFree Activities in HIV Prevention

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In recent years, the HIV prevention landscape has shifted. AIDSFree will focus on these critical prevention areas:

  • Adolescent Girls and Youth: The rate of new HIV infections among girls has remained disproportionately high year after year. AIDSFree seeks to improve the quality and effectiveness of prevention interventions for girls, their families, and their communities. All work under AIDSFree's HIV Prevention portfolio will include a special focus on gender, young women, and adolescents.
  • Condom Programming: Condoms remain critical for preventing HIV, other sexually transmitted infections, and unintended pregnancies. AIDSFree is exploring the challenges of female and male condom programming in the context of biomedical and combination prevention approaches, such as treatment as prevention, VMMC, and pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis.
  • Alcohol Industry and HIV Prevention: People who abuse alcohol and other drugs represent an important HIV prevention population, because they are more likely to engage in sexual behaviors that increase their likelihood of acquiring or transmitting HIV. AIDSFree is exploring the role of the alcohol industry in HIV prevention, care, and treatment in several countries.
  • Strengthening Community Platforms to Address Gender Norms: Gender norms contribute to higher levels of HIV infection among women, because cultural norms limit women's access to social and economic resources. These norms also affect men by assuming that masculine behavior includes early or risky sex, multiple partners, domination of women, intimate partner violence, and substance abuse. AIDSFree will provide guidance on strengthening community platforms to address gender norms by studying community-based interventions and their adaptability to different contexts or settings.

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