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AIDSFree Activities in Pediatric and Adult Treatment

Access to both HIV treatment and care has improved greatly in resource-limited settings. However, the cost of ART, program sustainability, and linkages to and retention in care remain significant concerns. Also children's access to ART continues to lag behind that of adults. To address these challenges, AIDSFree focuses on the following:

  • National Treatment Guidelines Database: Country HIV treatment guidelines are constantly evolving as new data and antiretroviral medications become available. AIDSFree routinely gathers and reviews guidelines on adult and pediatric HIV treatment and related topics. These topics include HIV, TB, PMTCT, and PEP guidance for each country identified in PEPFAR 3.0. Summaries of guidelines and cost analyses are incorporated into the searchable AIDSFree Guidelines Database.
  • Novel ART Delivery: Improving access to treatment for adults and children requires new and innovative models for delivering ART. AIDSFree is conducting an in-depth assessment of existing programs with novel approaches to ART delivery. The project will develop recommendations for scale-up based on their acceptability and feasibility.
  • Engaging Private and Non-State Health Actors: Many private health sector entities provide pediatric treatment, but remain isolated from governments or reliant on donor funding. AIDSFree is developing a service delivery strategy to improve public-private collaboration to scale up pediatric treatment. This strategy will be used to design a pilot project and technical implementation plan to allow rapid expansion of pediatric treatment services.
  • Piloting Strategies for Linking and Retaining Adolescents in Care: Enrolling and retaining children and adolescents in HIV treatment remains challenging. Many factors increase the likelihood of a child dropping out of care, including low caregiver involvement, stigma, advanced disease, malnutrition, and transportation challenges. To strengthen the evidence base, AIDSFree is piloting an adolescent-focused strategy for linkage to care, tracking, and retention.