AIDSFree Presents at Global GS1 Healthcare Conference 2017

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Background Ethiopia’s health supply chain characteristics include: Counterfeit and illegal trade. Inadequate supply of quality and affordable essential medication. High levels of waste and stockouts. Increased demand for medication. Lack of visibility for supply and demand.   Minimal verification capabilities of medicine quality and authenticity.

The Global GS1 Healthcare Conference is a key event for sharing information with the GS1 Healthcare community. Held twice per annum, healthcare leaders from private industry and government agencies join and present the progress of worldwide efforts to implement GS1 standards that improve patient safety, supply chain security and efficiency.

The three-day conference combines plenary sessions, implementation reality sessions (small working groups), working lunches, introductory sessions and many opportunities to network. 

AIDSFree is participating in a poster presentation and presenting at the International Government Healthcare ThinkTank session. The poster describes the main challenges and opportunities we are currently facing while implementing global standards in the pharmaceutical industry in order to be able to provide quality medication for the people of Ethiopia.