Research to Inform Adaptation: An IPV Case Study from Rwanda

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Join AIDSFree's partner STRIVE on April 26 for their webinar "Research to Inform Adaptation: An Introduction to Data Visualisation."

How do we re-implement programmes in new contexts while maintaining core goals, delivery techniques and intensity? Frequent mismatches often arise between the priority population, implementing agency and local community, and those of the original programme (Card et al. 2011), but we need to bridge the gap between proof-of-concept pilots and broader application.

In this case study, a programme to prevent intimate partner violence in Rwanda – Indashyikirwa –being implemented by CARE International Rwanda, Rwanda Men’s Resource Center (RWAMREC) and Rwanda Women’s Network (RWN)- involved adaptations from the highly effective SASA! programme in Uganda and Journeys of Transformation in Rwanda. The presentation highlights how process and evaluation research of Indashyikirwa informed adaptation, including pre-testing the curricula, identifying and addressing implementation challenges and using social norms research to design messaging for community activism.

The presentation covers:

  • An overview of the value of, and steps towards, effective adaptation
  • Why and how adaptation of Indashyikirwa was informed by research
  • Key challenges in adaptation and lessons learned
  • Top tips for adapting programmes to different contexts.