Sharing Success: Lessons Learned in VMMC Uptake in Malawi and Mozambique

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In Malawi, VMMC uptake was historically a challenge due to various well-documented barriers, including fear of pain and complications, cultural beliefs, perception of VMMC being only for boys, among others. Similarly, for a few years, Mozambique lagged in achieving targets in key districts and particularly struggled with reaching men in the priority age group (15-29 years old). However, since the implementation of the strategies documented in two recently released case studies, AIDSFree teams in both countries have seen greatly improved results, increasing uptake among the priority age group, meeting annual targets, and attaining high standards of quality in services.

What contributed to this success? Join this webinar where we will be disseminating detailed case studies for the work undertaken by AIDSFree in three districts in the southern region of Malawi and by AIDSFree and JHCCP in two provinces of Mozambique. The presenters from these two countries will share key processes, outcomes and lessons learned to increase uptake of VMMC and reach a large proportion of men in the priority age group.

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