Strengthening Community Mobilization to Enhance VMMC Uptake in Malawi

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In Malawi, VMMC uptake has historically been a challenge due to various well-documented barriers, including fear of pain and complications, cultural beliefs, perception of VMMC being only for boys, among others. This fiscal year, however, PSI and AIDSFree, USAID’s VMMC implementing partners, have been able to reach the most ambitious annual targets set since VMMC services were first offered in Malawi in 2011. Additionally, they were able to reach a significant proportion of men aged 15-29, a priority age group for VMMC. What contributed to this success? Join this webinar to learn the details of a key strategy that contributed to increased uptake of VMMC in Malawi!

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USA: 1-888-330-1716
International: 713-353-7024
Access Code: 4532035