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The Vodacom Foundation donated 48 tablets to AIDSFree as a continuation of their commitment to mobilizing HIV identification & treatment for children & pregnant women in Lesotho through the use of mobile technologies.

In Swaziland, AIDSFree reached 166,320 individuals with HIV testing and counseling services—more than 200% of our target.

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AIDSFree Provides VMMC Services to over 100,000 Men
Will users pay for condoms? Our surveys in five countries offer answers.
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See how we’re using a novel case-management approach to build young HIV-positive and HIV-negative mothers’ life skills.
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We're making antiretroviral therapy accessible for children and youth in Kenya.
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As part of our ongoing efforts to advance pediatric HIV care, AIDSFree is proud to announce the launch of the online Lopinavir/ritonavir Pellet Toolkit.
We are implementing the newly introduced Test and Treat. [The] AIDSFree HIV Testing Services Community of Practice has been instrumental in shedding light on the approaches to be used to reach out to many with targeted testing.
—Feedback from a member of the AIDSFree HIV Testing Services Community of Practice
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Using technology, AIDSFree is expanding the reach of HIV prevention.

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AIDSFree has opened an office in Lesotho to work on preventing gender-based violence, increasing pediatric treatment, and rolling out e-learning for high-quality VMMC services.
The HTS Community of Practice has helped us to come up with an HIV/AIDS Work Place Policy that focuses on among others the following: fighting stigma & discrimination at work, urged others to take an HIV test, created saving schemes, brought staff members' families together etc.
—Feedback from a member of the AIDSFree HIV Testing Services Community of Practice