Photo of a doctor talking to a client.

To ensure safe, efficient, and high-quality VMMC services, AIDSFree launched the Online Training Hub- an innovative and interactive mobile training platform for VMMC programs and providers.

Close up photo of a mother laying on a blanket, holding her infant child close.

New pediatric HIV infections declined 66% worldwide from 2002-2016. How will we maintain the momentum?

Photo of a nun and man looking at the electronic logistics management system on a computer sitting on the desk before them. Captioned: Sister Zulu and Mr. Nkoma at Twalumba Health Center using the system to enter data from their ARV Daily Activity Register

It used to take 15 days for these clinics in Zambia to get their data out. Now it takes one.

Photo of a group of men and a woman standing arm in arm and smiling. From left: AIDSFree staff member Lusepo Kipenya, Malasa, Nyasani, AIDSFree staff members Silvery Tesha and Paskal Maganga. Photo Credit: Zacharia Mlacha, Jhpiego

After holding out for nearly four years, 45-year-old Malasa joined the more than 400,000 men who have received VMMC services through AIDSFree in Tanzania.

The [AIDSFree] electronic logistics management information system has simplified the life of our health facilities staff and clients. It enables antiretrovirals to be available so that clients can receive medications on time.
—Emmanuel Mubanga, principal pharmacist at the Ministry of Health, Zambia

More than 400 testing sites in Ethiopia ensured the delivery of crucial HIV test kits with AIDSFree's new Integrated Voice Response.