EID Programs Increase the Number of Infants Who Are Tested and Linked to HIV Care

In Swaziland, AIDSFree mentored providers and developed systems for tracking and contacting clients. As a result, 87% of infants exposed to HIV were identified and tested. 85% of infants found to be HIV-positive were started on treatment.

In 2016, AIDSFree provided 12,000 health workers and waste handlers in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory and six states with basic skills in IPC and HCWM.

I work at an international development firm and the AIDSFree Prevention Update is circulated regularly. It helps to ensure the HIV team is up to date on current literature and advances. For younger staff it's a more approachable/reader-friendly newsletter, so it speaks to all levels.
—Feedback from an AIDSFree Prevention Update subscriber