Close up image of condoms

Will users pay for condoms? Our surveys in five countries offer answers.

Photo of a group of women talking in a circle of chairs.

See how we’re using a novel case-management approach to build young HIV-positive and HIV-negative mothers’ life skills.

Photo of a woman holding her baby and smiling at the camera.

We're making antiretroviral therapy accessible for children and youth in Kenya.

Animated graphic featuring a mother holding her child close.

As part of our ongoing efforts to advance pediatric HIV care, AIDSFree is proud to announce the launch of the online Lopinavir/ritonavir Pellet Toolkit.

Image of a hand holding a phone displaying a page from the Online Training Hub.

Using technology, AIDSFree is expanding the reach of HIV prevention.

Photo of a young boy wrapped in a colorful blanket, he stands holding a wooden stick and looking away.

AIDSFree has opened an office in Lesotho to work on preventing gender-based violence, increasing pediatric treatment, and rolling out e-learning for high-quality VMMC services.