Several Kenyan girls wearing headscarves laugh and talk together

In Nairobi, Kenya, AIDSFree developed guides to empower Muslim and Christian religious leaders to talk to their congregations about pediatric HIV transmission, prevention, and treatment. AIDSFree is using this novel community approach to engage the faith sector as part of efforts to expand HIV care and treatment services in Kenya.

AIDSFree research showed that communities in Tanzania respond better to local volunteer community advocates (VCAs) than volunteers from other areas. After replacing general volunteers with VCAs in April 2016, VMMC interest and services skyrocketed.

The information I gathered through AIDSFree HIV testing services has really helped in my field of work. I’ve been able to train other health workers on testing and counseling.
—A service provider

We use AIDSFree resources to guide us in developing strategies for our HIV/AIDS adolescent health programs.
—Feedback from an AIDSFree Prevention Update subscriber

A large group of Tohara participants posing on the steps outside a building. They are all smiling and most have their hands in the air.

AIDSFree Finds That Women Can Influence Men's Decisions to Get VMMC

"I am very grateful for this service, because it has rescued [my] relationship with my lover who threatened to leave because I was not circumcised."
-Program participant

Michelo, a pharmacist at Chainama Hills College Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia.

AIDSFree's technical support builds health workers' capacity to use eLMIS technology to reduce time spent on paperwork and increase time spent with patients.