Photo Credits

Hero Image: Photo Credit by USAID/Tanzania

Ambassador Deborah L. Birx Quote: Photo by Adam Parr, USAID
John Kerry Quote Child: Photo by James Pursey
Statistics Kids: Photo by Adam Parr, USAID
Conference Kids: Photo by Olivier Asselin
Nurses: Photo Credit by USAID
Line of Kids: Photo by James Pursey
Textiles: Photo by iStockPhoto

Countries: Photo by iStockPhoto
Countries - Angola: Photo by Stephanie VandenBerg, Courtesy of Photoshare
Countries - Ethiopia: Photo courtesy of USAID | DELIVER Project
Countries - Kenya: Photo by Matt Heckworth
Countries - Lesotho: Photo by Wendy Stein, Courtesy of Photoshare
Countries - Malawi: Photo by Nandi Bwanali / ONE COMMUNITY, Courtesy of Photoshare
Countries - MENA: Photo by Arne Hoel / World Bank
Countries - Mozambique: Photo by Arturo Sanabria / Photoshare
Countries - Namibia: Photo by Philip Schuler / World Bank
Countries - Nigeria: Photo by Karen Kasmauskimcsp
Countries - South Africa: Photo by Lisa Russell
Countries - Swaziland: Photo by Dominic Chavez / World Bank
Countries - Tanzania UHS: Photo by Elibahati Akyoo
Countries - Tanzania VMMC: Photo courtsey of AIDSTAR-One
Countries - Uganda: Photo by Rod Waddington
Countries - Zambia: Photo courtesy of USAID | DELIVER Project
Countries - Zimbabwe: Photo courtesy of UK Department for International Development

Focus Areas
Gender: Photo by James Pursey
HIV Testing: Photo by James Pursey
PMTCT: Photo by James Pursey
Prevention: Photo by James Pursey
Treatment: Photo by James Pursey
VMMC: Photo by James Pursey

Masks: Photo by iStockPhoto

Prevention Knowledge Base
Doctor Consultation: Photo by James Pursey

News & Events
Leather Goods: Photo by iStockPhoto