Afya Ya Kuanza: The Kenya Private Sector Children's Fund

What is Afya ya Kuanza!?

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Ayfa ya Kuanza! is a children’s HIV and general health fund that raises money for child health services through a direct-link model of collaboration connecting businesses, their customers, Kenyan private health providers, and children in need. The Fund gives private businesses and their consumers in Kenya an opportunity to work collectively and directly to support sustainable delivery of HIV care and other health services to children.

The Fund is a sustainable public engagement component of a broader alliance between the Kenya Pediatric Association (KPA)/KEPRECON, the Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF), and a network of more than 25 private health facilities that deliver HIV and child health services in the Nairobi area. Called the Public-Private Alliance and created with support from the AIDSFree project via funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to scale up access to HIV care and treatment for children and youth, this Alliance continues to provide a platform for public-private health service collaboration. The Fund contributes to this platform by providing a way for socially engaged general consumers and local businesses to donate to actions that help address threats to the health of Kenya’s children and youth in support of the government’s HIV/AIDS and priority child health campaigns.

Participating Partners

Conveners of the Public Private Alliance (PPA) for Pediatric HIV and Afya ya Kuanza!

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How is the Fund Set Up?

Afya ya Kuanza! allows private businesses and commercial enterprises to transparently and directly support the delivery of pediatric HIV and health services. The fund concept goes beyond the concept of corporate social responsibility and requires no direct investment from the business’ bottom-line directly. Instead, with the support of business leaders, funds for Afya ya Kuanza! are generated at points-of-sale via interaction with consumers of middle-, upper-, and luxury class goods and services.

This flow diagram shows a process from customer to vendors to pooled funds / Kenya Paediatric Association to Private Sector Children's Fund to private clinics receiving grants to benefit children living with HIV

Unlike other existing point-of-sale donation models which are typically "opt-in" or collections based, Afya ya Kuanza! is an "opt-out" transactional model. In this model, an extremely small fixed fee or percentage donation is automatically attached to all transactions (and can be removed with ease by request), which minimizes the need to request significant donations from any one individual and which allows participating businesses and consumers to collectively create significant funds. Donations collected from consumers are transferred by each individual business to the Fund on a monthly basis. Together, KPA and KHF manage and distribute the Fund.

How does the Fund utilize money raised?

Afya ya Kuanza! focuses on strengthening the availability and quality of holistic HIV care and related services for children from birth to 18 years. After receiving the donations, KPA and KHF issue Afya ya Kuanza! grants to participating private health care facilities and patients who have submitted applications for support. As mandated by the Alliance structure, no more than 10% of funds may be used for fund administration, and 80% of funds raised must be used for direct programmatic activities benefitting children living with HIV. A memorandum of understanding between participating businesses, health clinics, and the Alliance has identified exactly how funds may be used.

Chart showing administration and outreach only make up 20% collectively

Examples of permitted uses include:

  • Cover outpatient fees for low-income clients to obtain malnutrition, diarrhea, and infectious disease treatments; nutritional support; diagnostic tests; and mortuary costs.
  • Strengthen clinic infrastructure by providing computers, laboratory equipment, diagnostic sets, exam equipment, transport and vehicles for patient transfer.
  • Expand community services by providing home-based HIV testing and referral to facilities for needed services.
  • Facilitate Kenya Pediatric Association mentorship for health facilities to ensure quality of care.
  • Support data quality improvement and reporting to national public health systems.

How can consumers participate?

Consumers wishing to participate can look for this sign at their local businesses!

How can a business participate?

Businesses wishing to participate in this important effort can check out the information available in our brochure and should contact the following people:

General Information:

Marloes Kibacha, Project Coordinator, Kenya Healthcare Federation: or 0702 249 853.

Mbogo Bunyi, Country Lead, AIDSFree PPA Kenya:

Contact Information
c/o Kenya Healthcare Federation
Rosami Court 1st Floor
Muringa Road, Kilimani
Nairobi, Kenya

Contact person KHF: Marloes Kibacha, telephone +254 702 249 853 (KHF Office line)

Contact KPA for questions about fund grant-making: