AIDSFree Prevention Update: December 2015

In Focus this month:

  • Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is Effective with Continuous High Adherence
    From American Journal of Epidemiology
    Among serodiscordant heterosexual couples in the Partners PrEP study, consistent high adherence (≥90% probability) to a tenofovir (TDF) or TDF/emtricitabine regimen reduced the risk of HIV transmission by 78 percent or higher relative to placebo.
  • Preventing HIV in Sex Workers is Feasible, Efficient, and Necessary
    From PLOS ONE
    In October 2015 PEPFAR announced ambitious new HIV prevention and treatment targets aimed at achieving an AIDS-free future generation. Working with national and global partners, PEPFAR hopes to jointly support HIV treatment for 18.5 million people worldwide.
  • Invitation Plus Tracing Increases Men's Participation in HIV Testing and Counselling in Malawi
    From The Lancet HIV
    This study compared two strategies for recruiting male partners for couples HIV testing and counselling (CHTC)—invitation-only versus invitation plus tracing. While more than half of women were able to recruit male partners to CHTC with invitation alone, the addition of tracing enabled nearly three-quarters of women to bring their partners to CHTC.