AIDSFree Prevention Update: July 2017

July 2017 Prevention Update (PDF, 400.76 KB)

HIV Self-Testing Doubles HIV Testing Uptake and Frequency

From: Journal of the International AIDS Society

This systematic review examined HIV self-testing, which may offer sustainable increases in testing uptake and frequency and lead to earlier HIV diagnosis and treatment and lower mortality, particularly among men.

Longitudinal Cascade-of-Care Estimates Provide Richer Data than Cross-Sectional Estimates

From: The Lancet HIV

Longitudinal population-based studies showed that transition through initial stages of the HIV care cascade (testing through being linked to care) were significantly slower than transition through subsequent clinical stages, particularly the later ones. Cascade estimations should begin with initial population stages, where the greatest treatment bottlenecks appear.

Best Practices for Adolescent- and Youth-Friendly Services

From: MEASURE Evaluation

The review specifies adolescent-friendly approaches that do and do not work (and why); lays out lessons learned on providing successful HIV services for adolescents; and encourages uptake of best practices to attract youth and keep them in care. The report summarizes 13 programs that were selected based upon relevance, impact, and feasibility criteria, among others.