AIDSFree Prevention Update: March 2015

In Focus this month:

  • Engagement and Education Can Reduce Intimate Partner Violence (American Journal of Public Health)
    This study assessed the effects of community engagement activities (CE) versus interactive group education (GE) on intimate partner violence (IPV) by Ethiopian men. IPV prevalence decreased significantly in both intervention arms (from 53 percent to 38 percent in the GE + CE arm, and from 60 percent to 37 percent in the CE-only arm), while IPV in a control group remained unchanged.
  • Community Empowerment Approaches Promote Safer Sex Work (The Lancet)
    This meta-analysis of community empowerment approaches for sex workers revealed significant associations between community empowerment and (1) increased consistent condom use with all clients and (2) reduced incidence of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.
  • Geographic Targeting Can Optimize Pre-Exposure Treatment Rollouts in Sub-Saharan Africa (Nature Communications)
    The authors used geospatial modeling to compare the impact of two approaches—egalitarian (focused on access) versus a utilitarian (focused on geographic targeting)—for rolling out antiretroviral-based pre-exposure interventions in sub-Saharan Africa. They found that a utilitarian strategy that uses geographic targeting at the provincial level could prevent approximately 40 percent more HIV infections in the first year of the rollout than the egalitarian plan.