AIDSFree Tanzania Uniformed Services Factsheet

The goal of AIDSFree Tanzania's Uniformed Health Services activity is to provide quality comprehensive HIV and AIDS prevention, care and treatment, and support services for the police and prisons staff, the prison inmates, and civilians within the surrounding communities in Tanzania. The program will build on the existing HIV programs for police, the prison staff, and their families, and the surrounding communities to:

  • Promote behavioral risk reduction, positive social norms, and use of biomedical prevention modalities for the uniformed forces population
  • Increase availability and accessibility of comprehensive HIV care, treatment, and support services
  • Strengthen systems for linking individual clients from community-based program interventions to the continuum of care for HIV, health, and other related services
  • Provide guidance and capacity building for gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and response in prisons and among police.