Changes Tested to Improve Quality of Safe Male Circumcision Services in Uganda

In January 2013, USAID ASSIST started providing technical assistance and support to 30 health units and 10 implementing partners (IPs) [STAR EC, Walter Reed, STAR E, Private Sector, STAR SW, SPEAR, IRCU, RTI, NUHITES and SUSTAIN] in Uganda to carry out quality improvement (QI) activities in Safe Male Circumcision (SMC). Part of this support involved supporting sites to identify gaps using a SMC quality standards tool and supporting the teams through onsite coaching to innovate interventions to bridge the gaps identified. After the teams had received five rounds of onsite coaching (approximately one visit per month), in August 2013, the teams were convened together in a three-day learning session to share experiences and learn from each other. This document synthesizes the changes tested by these sites. This compilation of changes was designed to offer frontline health care providers who are struggling to improve the quality of SMC services a list of changes that quality improvement teams have tested so that they do not reinvent the wheel.