Ethiopia: Needs Assessment for Implementation of a Public-Private Partnership in Health Care Waste Management in Addis Ababa City

Presented to: Addis Ababa City Administration Health Department

Health care waste management (HCWM), an issue of global concern, is a special concern for the Government of Ethiopia. With the national prevalence of HIV, malaria, and other infectious diseases, generation of health care waste (HCW) has increased. This increase, together with current poor management of HCW, puts health care workers, patients, waste handlers, scavengers, the environment, and the general public at risk.

A rapid needs assessment of health care waste management (HCWM) was essential to identify gaps and to make recommendations for a pilot project for a public–private partnership in health care waste management (PPP–HCWM) in Addis Ababa City. A facility-based mixed-methods study was conducted between August 7 and 20, 2013, in Addis Ababa City. Fifteen health care facilities—six of them (40%) public and nine of them (60%) private—were included in the study, along with 12 key stakeholders. Both primary and secondary data were collected using a semi-structured questionnaire and observational checklist. In addition, data collection included a review of relevant documents, field visits, key informant interviews, and discussions.