Faith-Based Organizations and HIV Prevention with Most-at-Risk Populations in Mexico

The pastor asks again: “What can you add to condoms to make them more exciting?”

Even though it is not their turn during this round of La Loteria de Vida (the Lottery of Life), various members of the congregation shout out the expected response: “Lubricant!”

One man, however, leans over and tells his neighbor what he thinks is a better answer: “El contenido (the content).” Laughter and cheers fi ll the small church, La Iglesia de la Reconciliación (The Church of Reconciliation) in Mexico City. Eventually, as the chatter subsides, the individual selected to answer responds correctly and earns his prize: a condom. The pastor draws the next number and proceeds to the next question, keeping the engaging activity moving along as he does every week immediately following the religious service.




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