HIV Testing Services Guidance Database

Globally, 50 percent of people living with HIV are unaware that they are HIV-positive. The first step in UNAIDS' 90-90-90 Strategy to end the HIV epidemic is for 90 percent of PLHIV to know their status. In light of WHO’s 2015 HIV testing guidance, the AIDSFree HTS Guidance Database provides national guidelines and policies on HIV testing services from many priority countries around the world on consent and confidentiality, testing algorithms and strategies, use of mandatory testing, self-testing, and quality assurance and quality improvement. The country guidance and analysis was shared with AIDSFree by the World Health Organization (further policy analysis available - see Annex 2 of the WHO HIV testing guidance).

The HTS Guidance Database is organized by country and category. Once you click through to the specific country page of interest, you can view the guidance on any device, download or e-mail a summary of the guidance, or view the original country guidance documents.

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