HIVST in West Africa: Adapted HIVST Demonstration Videos

ATLAS Youtube page with thumbnails of several videos.

To ensure quality HIVST distribution, correct use, and accurate interpretation of results, and to promote effective linkage to testing confirmation and care, the ATLAS Project has developed comprehensive training packages for dispensing agents in each country but also HIVST supporting tools for users.

Among HIVST supporting tools developed to promote accurate HIVST kit use and effective linkage to HIV testing confirmation and care, the ATLAS Project translated demonstration videos in several languages. These are shared with HIVST kit users through Apps like Xender or WhatsApp, using the ATLAS YouTube link.

Demonstration videos are available in French, English, Wolof, Bambara, and Dioula, and will be soon available in Soninke and Peul. Other videos and motion graphic design will be posted on the channel to present the ATLAS Project or promote HIVST in the near future.