Activities and Messages for Community-Led Distribution of HIV Self-Testing

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Centre for Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Research Zimbabwe (CeSHHAR)/Population Services International (PSI) (January 2019).

This tool, developed by PSI and CeSHHAR for use in rural Zimbabwean communities, provides an outline of key activities and messages for community-led distribution of HIV self-test kits. This outline lays out steps for establishing community-led distribution over two to three weeks beginning with community entry and engagement, to introduce the intervention and invite the community to participate, through offering support visits and training visits to the community. The annexes include tools needed for preparing the community and may be of interest to program managers hoping to initiate new community-led HIVST programs. The annexes include a contact sheet for community-designated contacts (Annex 1), a checklist for community entry and engagement meetings (Annex 2), and checklists for support visits to the community (Annex 3) and training visits (Annex 4), telephone conversation (Annex 5) spot-check logs (Annex 6), and a checklist for concluding activities in the community (Annex 7).

Contact: Mary Tumushime,; Miriam Mutseta,; Euphemia Sibanda,; or Constancia Watadzaushe,