Dried Blood Spot Specimen Collection Kit Instruction Booklet and Instructional Placemat

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Emory University, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (N.D.).

These materials, along with free oral and blood-based HIV self-test (HIVST) kits, were provided to men who have sex with men enrolled in the Evaluation of Rapid HIV Self-Testing among Men Who Have Sex with Men (eSTAMP) study. In addition to the instruction booklet, an instructional placemat was provided to help participants complete the specimen collection steps correctly. Men who have sex with men registered at an online site where they recorded their own oral and finger-stick HIVST results. Then, participants collected dried blood spot specimens, as described in these instructions, and returned them to the program for performance evaluation. Preliminary findings from the third phase of this study (n=515) indicate real-world performance of 81.8% (95% CI 48.2% - 97.7%) sensitivity and 100% (95% CI 99.3% - 100%) specificity for the OraQuick® In-Home HIV Test for oral fluid and 80% (95% CI 28.4% - 99.5%) sensitivity and 99.8% (95% CI 98.9% - 100%) specificity for the Sure Check® HIV 1/2 Assay. These instructional materials may be of interest to program implementers who are developing support packages for either oral or blood-based HIV self-testers.

Contact: Robin MacGowan, rmacgowan@cdc.gov

Disclaimer: This tool was developed in collaboration by researchers at Emory University and CDC, and is a not a CDC guideline or recommendation. It is being shared as an example of how to collect dried blood spot specimens.