HIV Self-Test Form

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Unitaid-PSI / HIV Self-Testing Africa (STAR) Initiative / Malawi-Liverpool Wellcome Trust Research Program (June 2016).

This form, developed by the STAR Initiative, is used in Malawi to record HIV self-test (HIVST) results. The participant reads and indicates their HIVST result at the top of the form. Then, an HIV counselor completes the remainder of the form—including re-reading the self-test result, recording additional questions asked by the self-tester, recording any errors made by the self-tester, and conducting confirmatory testing. In Malawi (n=291), a STAR Initiative performance study found that sensitivity was 92.9% (95% CI 66.1% - 99.8%) and specificity was 99.6% (95% CI 98% - 100%). In Zambia (n=2552), sensitivity was 94.2% (95% CI 90.4% - 96.8%) and specificity was 99.7% (95% CI 99.3% - 99.9%). In Zimbabwe (n=40), sensitivity was 100% (95% CI 15% - 100%) and specificity was 91.9% (95% CI 78.1% - 98.3%). This form may be useful for programs using an assisted HIVST approach, or programs that plan to monitor the accuracy of HIVST.

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