HIV Self-Testing Community Volunteer’s Training Manual

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Unitaid-PSI / HIV Self-testing Africa (STAR) Initiative (N.D.).

This manual describes the content of a three-day training session for community-based distribution agents (CBDAs). The manual was developed as part of the STAR Initiative in Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. The purpose of the training is to prepare CBDA volunteers to conduct community-based distribution of HIV self-test (HIVST) kits, provide pre-test information, ensure accurate use of HIVST, offer post-test support and linkage to care, and report adverse events. Section 6.4 of the manual describes a facilitated training session on working safely and appropriately within individual households, including a script for community volunteers to initiate discussion of HIVST and a group activity for practicing these techniques. This may be of interest to program implementers who plan to use peer educators or community volunteers for community sensitization or community-based distribution of HIVST. For every training session, the manual notes: materials needed, session objectives, facilitator tips, group activities, and key participant takeaways.

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