HIV Self-Testing Session Flow—Community Mobilization Scripts

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Unitaid-PSI / HIV Self-Testing Africa (STAR) Initiative, Society for Family Health (N.D.).

This script, developed for use in South Africa, outlines the flow of conversation for individual community mobilization sessions on voluntary medical male circumcision and HIV self-testing (HIVST). In the session, the mobilizer discusses the benefits of HIVST and demonstrates using an HIV self-test with the client. At the end of the conversation, the mobilizer asks the client if they would like to have an HIVST kit. If the client says yes, the mobilizer logs the client’s name in the HIVST register, pre-fills out a return test card and referral slip, and outlines the process for returning the used test kit. Program implementers who wish to use community mobilizers as part of a demand creation strategy may find this script useful.

Contact: Karin Hatzold,