Key Population Model for HIV Self-Testing

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Centre for Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Research Zimbabwe (CeSHHAR) (September 2017).

This packet of tools from CeSHHAR is used for HIV self-testing kit distribution among female sex workers (FSWs). The materials include a standard operating procedure for HIV self-test distribution by outreach workers in the Sisters with a Voice National Sex Work Program. In the program, FSWs were offered standard HIV testing or HIV self-testing. If self-testing was selected, self-testing could occur on-site or off-site. All FSWs, whether opting for self-testing or provider-delivered HIV testing services, were given the additional option of collecting HIV self-test kits for secondary distribution to up to three sexual partners. The program operated in both static sites and outreach sites. A client flow diagram for both the static and outreach sites is included in the packet of tools. The program used the attached questionnaire to follow-up with FSWs who accepted self-testing kits for themselves and/or their sexual partners. The questionnaire collects self-reported data from FSWs about their use of the self-test, their test results, and their linkage activities, as well as the acceptance, use, results, and linkage of their partners if they obtained additional HIVST kits for secondary distribution.

Contact: Euphemia Sibanda, or Mary Tumushime,