Nigeria Draft Partner Notification Services Monitoring and Evaluation Package

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Jhpiego and U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) (N.D.).

Jhpiego and PEPFAR-supported implementing partners in Nigeria developed this standard package of data collection and reporting tools for partner notification services (PNS), to be adapted by all partners and considered for adoption by the Federal Ministry of Health. The tools are based largely on those already in use by individual partners.

  1. Index Client Intake Form (Form 101)
    This intake form is to be completed by PNS providers for each index client. It has sections for recording demographic and contact information about the index client and each elicited partner. It includes intimate partner violence screening questions for each partner to inform appropriate notification methods.
  2. Index Client Testing Form for HIV-Exposed Children (Form 202)
    This form is to be used with PNS clients with children aged <12 years who may have been exposed to HIV and whose status is unknown. It includes brief instructions for offering testing for children, and has sections for recording index client information, children who need testing, and child testing outcomes.
  3. Partner Follow-Up Worksheet (Form 303)
    This worksheet is used by PNS providers to track partner notification attempts and outcomes for partners of HIV-positive index clients, including HIV testing and linkage to care and prevention services.
  4. PNS and Child Testing Register (Form 404)
    This register provides a complete listing of index clients and their contacts for tracking and monitoring PNS outcomes. Client information is linked with demographic information and notification outcomes for each partner, and HIV testing and care outcomes for potentially HIV-exposed children. Data from the three forms described above are entered into this register.