National Guidelines for HIV Treatment in Lesotho

The first two guideline documents are focused on HIV prevention, treatment, care, support, and antiretroviral therapy. These integrated guidelines address specific issues regarding adults and adolescents, pregnant women, and children. These, along with other guidelines, provide adequate guidance to all providers in the clinical management of people living with HIV and AIDS and will help improve their quality of life.

The third document provide the basis for training and implementation of PMTCT interventions. All health care workers, especially personnel providing sexual and reproductive health services must therefore apply these guidelines at all levels of service delivery as part of the national efforts at eliminating mother-to-child transmission.

Finally, the manual describes the policy direction, as well as guidelines for the diagnosis and management of tuberculosis patients. It is also meant to serve as a guide for clinicians and other health workers involved in the management of optimum quality of care for people living with HIV and AIDS.

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