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PEPFAR’s Best Practices for VMMC Site Operations

A Service Guide for Site Operations

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This document provides implementing partners supported by the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) with a collection of the best resources available for sites providing voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) for HIV prevention. This version is Edition 2; Edition 1, released in 2013 focused on assisting implementing partners and site staff with opening new VMMC service locations. Edition 1 covered all aspects of the planning, launch, and oversight of daily operations at the site level. Given the maturation of VMMC programs since 2012, Edition 2 focuses on optimizing management of existing service locations, though chapters still remain for those establishing new sites. The primary intended audience for Edition 2 remains site-level staff, with different chapters most relevant to different staff positions.

As in the first edition, the second edition has included new best practices of VMMC service provision from across the 14 priority countries. These have been summarized and placed in the respective chapters. In addition, each chapter is designed as a stand-alone resource covering all aspects of the respective topic, including:

  • Chapter Goals: States the objectives of the chapter
  • What Users Need to Know: Summarizes the most important information and referenced documents with links (online version) or directions (printed version) to the tools/ instruments/resources
  • Frequently Referenced Information: Additional relevant content embedded into the body of the text
  • For Additional Information: Provides additional details on the topic for those that want more
  • Tools, Instruments and Guidance Documents: Lists all the resources referenced in the chapter
  • Case Studies: Provides program examples where applicable
  • References: Lists the manuscripts cited in the chapter.