Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AIDSFree HIV Prevention Knowledge Base?

The HIV Prevention Knowledge Base is a collection of research and tools to help you find what works in prevention. This collection of resources will help you identify and adapt evidence-based prevention strategies for your program.

How does it work?

Each knowledge base topic is introduced with a short description of the activity, its epidemiologic importance, a short synthesis of the core elements of the intervention, and a description of the current state of practice followed by:

What We Know – Click here for summaries of the research providing the evidence base that supports the prevention approach
Putting it Into Practice – Read these summaries of promising interventions
Tools and Curricula – Adapt and use these program materials, including tools, curricula, and models
Additional Resources – Link to important additional materials and websites

Who was the Prevention Knowledge Base designed for?

AIDSFree is committed to supporting the development and implementation of effective prevention programs by providing program administrators, planners and managers with up-to-date information on prevention approaches and activities. Materials on the website are intended for a broad audience, including policy makers, researchers and students.

How was the content on the HIV Prevention Knowledge Base developed?

AIDSFree’s technical experts and reviewers carefully select the materials that are represented on the website. Content is selected using a limited number of recent, seminal articles and resources to include in each Prevention Knowledge Base topic. This short list of articles is selected by topic area experts and undergoes a rigorous review process with multiple expert reviewers revising the content in a series of stages until it is published on the website. The primary objective is to provide users with the most recent developments in programs and research, although some important older references are included.

What is the contribution and review process?

AIDSFree’s goal is to synthesize state-of-the-art information and present it in an accessible, program-ready format so that it can be put to faster use. The AIDSFree Knowledge Base content goes through multiple stages of technical writing and review by topic area experts. Content is screened for clarity, topic coverage and balance, technical accuracy, and accessibility to program planners and managers.

When and how are the HIV Prevention Knowledge Base topics updated?

AIDSFree reviews and updates the HIV Prevention Knowledge Base materials on a continuous basis through a technical review process. In order to keep the volume of information presented at useful, manageable levels, newly posted materials often replace older ones. Look for the date on the bottom of each HIV Prevention Knowledge Base page to see when the materials were last updated.

How do AIDSFree summaries differ from other abstracts of publications?

The HIV Prevention Knowledge Base provides people who plan and implement HIV prevention activities with synopses of program-relevant research findings and programmatic experience. Full citations and available links are provided so that people who may want additional information can learn more.

How can I make suggestions to AIDSFree to improve the content of the HIV Prevention Knowledge Base?

If you have a suggestion for how to improve the content of HIV Prevention Knowledge Base, send an email to and include the title of the specific Prevention Knowledge Base topic as the email subject.