PEPFAR Human Resources for Health Strategy, PEPFAR 3.0

April 2015 - Reports, Guidelines, and Tools

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U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) (February, 2015).

Resources for Health Strategy (HRH) 3.0. The strategy is intended to ensure availability of sufficient trained human resources to expand HIV and AIDS services in moderate- and high-volume sites or high HIV burden areas that receive PEPFAR support. PEPFAR’s HRH investments will focus on five objectives that directly support PEPFAR's realignment and strategies for achieving an AIDS-free generation:

  1. Assess HRH capacity needs for delivering HIV and AIDS services (prevention, care, and treatment) at PEPFAR-supported sites and areas.
  2. Support development of an appropriate number and skills mix of health workers to enable delivery of HIV and AIDS services in these locations.
  3. Establish recruitment, deployment, and retention strategies to ensure a consistent and sustainable supply of trained health workers.
  4. Establish sustainable financing for health workers to ensure adequate local financing for health workers who can provide HIV and AIDS services in PEPFAR sites.
  5. Improve health worker performance to build service quality at all PEPFAR-supported sites.

Some activities supporting the implementation of this strategy will be programmed as stand-alone activities; others may be combined within the technical areas of core activities and implementing mechanisms.

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