Research Priorities for the Intersection of Alcohol and HIV/AIDS in Low and Middle Income Countries: A Priority Setting Exercise

December 2017 - Structural Prevention

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Gordon, S., Rotheram-Borus, M.J., Skeen, S., et al. AIDS and Behavior (October 2017), 21(262–273), doi:10.1007/s1046-017-1921-4.

This paper outlined research priorities for the connection between alcohol use and HIV in low- and middle-income countries. The authors used a consensus-building framework to bring together the views of 171 global experts, and employed a scoring methodology to identify priorities. The most common intervention research themes focused on the intersection of alcohol and HIV, the impact of HIV risk in the setting of harmful alcohol use, and risk and protective factors for alcohol and HIV. The three highest-scoring questions were on 1) defining the link between alcohol use and HIV medication: 2) determining the effectiveness of health system interventions in which staff are trained to engage HIV-positive alcohol abusers; and 3) determining the prevalence and correlates of alcohol use among HIV-positive pregnant women in Africa. The authors concluded that policymakers should use these research priorities for decision-making purposes.

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