"Protect Your Loved Ones From Fataki": Discouraging Cross-Generational Sex in Tanzania

June 2015 - Structural Prevention

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Kaufman, M. R., Tsang, S. W., Mooney, A., et al. Qualitative Health Research (April 2015), E-publication ahead of print.

The Fataki campaign (about a girl-chasing older man) aired on Tanzanian radio from 2008 to 2011 and addressed cross-generational sex, a major driver of HIV in the region. The authors conducted individual interviews and focus groups with community members and leaders in Pwani and Iringa regions of Tanzania to assess community reactions to the Fataki campaign, its reach, and how it affected interpersonal communication about cross-generational sex (CGS) two years after the campaign was completed. They found that the Fataki campaign was generally well received; participants commented on the importance of messages about protecting loved ones from CGS. Exposure to the campaign was associated with a higher likelihood of engaging in interpersonal discussions about CGS, and participants reported having discussed CGS and Fataki with other young women as a result of the campaign. Most commonly, discussions focused on encouraging young women to avoid "Fatakis" and to focus on school rather than risk pregnancy because of the cost and value of education. Participants also reported discussing strategies young women could use to avoid Fatakis. These often included approaches modeled in campaign messages, such as refusing offers of rides, money, and gifts from Fatakis. The authors concluded that the Fataki campaign was successful in encouraging interpersonal communication about CGS, and suggested that future campaigns should model both men and girls to avoid such relationships.

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