Khutbah and Sermon Guides on Children and HIV for Religious Leaders

June 2017 - In Focus

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Strengthening High Impact Interventions for an AIDS-free Generation (AIDSFree) Project (April 2017).

Meeting global 90-90-90 goals will require addressing and preventing HIV in children while also helping HIV-positive children and young people to live healthy and productive lives. These khutbah (Islamic) and sermon (Christian) guides were developed to empower religious leaders with the tools and skills to reach their congregations with key messages on pediatric HIV transmission and prevention; stigma and discrimination; treatment, care, and support; and male involvement in the HIV prevention and response continuum. The five sections suggest material and evidence to use while (1) discussing the importance of addressing HIV in children; (2) knowing one's HIV status; (3) enrolling and retaining children in HIV care; (4) ensuring family and community support; and (5) enabling healthy lifestyles for children living with HIV. Both guides were developed in collaboration with religious leaders.

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