Young Men Who Have Sex with Men: Health, Access, and HIV

May 2013 - Reports, Guidelines, and Tools

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Beck, J., Santos, G-M., and Ayala, G. The Global Forum on MSM and HIV (April 2013), Oakland, California.

Analyzing data from the Global Men’s Health and Rights Survey 2012 from the Global Forum on Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) and HIV, the authors explored HIV risk factors and access to health services among young men who have sex with men (YMSM) compared with older MSM. YMSM (MSM aged 30 years and below) experienced significantly less access to stable housing, health care, and HIV services, and were more likely to experience homophobia and violence, compared with older MSM. The study recruited 5,779 MSM from 165 countries, including 2,491 YMSM, primarily from Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Forty-four percent of YMSM who are eligible for HIV treatment are not on treatment, compared with 17 percent of MSM. Additionally, YMSM had lower levels of community engagement, comfort with health care providers, and association with the MSM community. The authors provided recommendations for governments, multilateral organizations, and international donors to address YMSM, including: improving housing stability and economic independence; providing comprehensive HIV prevention services that engage YMSM; improving HIV care and treatment for those living with HIV; involving YMSM to address factors that affect access to services; and advocating for leadership and involvement in the HIV response by YMSM.

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