Report of the United Nations Secretary-General’s High Level Panel on Access to Medicines: Promoting Innovation and Access to High Technologies

October 2016 - Reports, Guidelines, and Tools

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United Nations Secretary-General and Co-Chairs of the High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines (September 2016).

This report examines the potential of health technologies in relation to conflicting interactions among intellectual property (IP) policies, trade rules, and international human rights. The document contains four chapters and related recommendations:

  • Health Technology, Innovation and Access: Describes policy- and practice-related incongruities among public rights to health, IP, and international trade laws; and their impact on technology advancement and rights to use.
  • IP Laws and Access to Health Technologies: Describes aspects of IP law that can be manipulated to improve access to health technology, free-trade agreements, and their influence on IP rights; and provides recommendations on aligning public health priorities and trade laws, specifically the World Trade Organization's Trade Related Aspects of IP Rights (TRIPS) Agreement.
  • New Incentives for Research and Development of Health Technologies: Explains how coordinating and prioritizing research and development can systematically address health gaps. The chapter includes recommendations on financing and coordinating new health technologies.
  • Governance, Accountability, and Transparency: Reviews the oversight and responsibility needed to inspire innovation and access to health technology, and describes the roles of stakeholders. The chapter provides recommendations on coordinating the work of governments, the private sector, multilateral organizations, clinical trials, the patent process, and research and development to align policies and improve access to health technology. 

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