Micro-Planning in Peer Led Outreach Programs: A Handbook Based on the Experiences of the Avahan India AIDS Initiative

September 2013 - Reports, Guidelines, and Tools

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (May 2013), New Delhi.

Using the experiences of the Avahan India AIDS Initiative, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation created this handbook on micro-planning and its application for improving peer-led outreach. It also provides nine micro-planning tools and guidance on how to apply them. Micro-planning decentralizes the outreach process and facilitates decision by outreach workers and peer educators on how best to reach the community. Since 2003, the Avahan project has reached high HIV risks groups, e.g., sex workers, people who inject drugs, high-risk men who have sex with men, and transgender persons, through peer-led HIV prevention programs. While micro-planning may differ for key populations, the handbook provides general implementation guidelines. Section 1 provides an overview on micro-planning; section 2 offers micro-planning tools, processes, and forms; section 3 provides steps for implementing a new micro-planning program; and section 4 explores related issues for consideration. The handbook is intended for government programs, nongovernmental organizations, and communities interested in using micro-planning as a tool to improve peer-led outreach.

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