9th International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Science

September 2017 - In Focus

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IAS 2017.

This conference, held this year from July 23–26 in Paris, France, focused on the criticality of scientific research to addressing HIV. Conference organizers called for continued investments in basic research in multiple arenas, including a continued search for a cure; new technologies and potential synergies with cancer and other diseases; vaccinations and other approaches for HIV prevention and treatment; improved treatment formulations and therapies that reduce viral resistance and support long-term adherence; and economic and financing for sustainable, innovative HIV program models. The conference had five objectives:

  1. Accelerate basic science and clinical innovation to support development and application of new HIV prevention, treatment, and care technologies.
  2. Strengthen the implementation science research agenda to address key barriers and challenges (structural, service delivery, and policy) across the HIV cascade and in various epidemic scenarios.
  3. Amplify the synergies between HIV and coinfections, and between HIV emerging comorbidities and other noncommunicable diseases.
  4. Demonstrate the links between HIV and other public health and human rights emergencies and identify strategies for integrated responses.
  5. Strengthen research toward cure/treatment remission and vaccine.

Over 6,000 people attended the conference sessions, which included abstract-driven presentations, symposia, and plenary sessions. Related activities, including satellite symposia and affiliated independent events, contributed to an exceptional opportunity for professional development and networking. For daily recaps from the conference and additional discussion of the conference, please download the PDF version of this month's update.

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