Guide for Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health Products and Services for Men

September 2017 - Reports, Guidelines, and Tools

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Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) (June 2017).

This guide provides resources and information to help program planners and implementers to use social and behavior change for engaging men and improving their uptake of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) products and services in low- and middle-income countries. The guide includes lessons learned and best practices from programmatic implementation to promote male condoms, vasectomy, voluntary medical male circumcision, and testing and treatment for HIV and sexually transmitted infections. It includes four sections:

  • Overview of SRH Products and Services for Men. This section explains why the guide focuses on men and what products and services are included.
  • Influencing Behavior to Increase Utilization of SRH Products and Services by Men. This section summarizes the factors that influence men’s uptake of SRH products and services. It also describes how strategic behavioral communication (SBC) interacts with the SRH care cascade for men.
  • Key Considerations for Increasing Utilization of SRH Products and Services by Men. This section summarizes lessons learned and considerations to keep in mind when planning SBC interventions to improve the demand for and uptake of services and products.
  • Resources and Tools. This section provides additional resources and tools for program planners and implementers. 

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